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“Due To Popular Demand a Life-Changing Empower U Course is Coming Back to Ballina!”

4th to 7th November 2016, for 14-25 year old youth.

“Almost 100% of our graduates report a major change in their lives after attending the Empower U course…”     – Brent Williams – co-founder of Tomorrow’s Youth.



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What Would it Mean To You, if You Had the Mindset, Motivation and SKILLS to Create a Successful Future?

Empower U is the easiest and the fastest way for you to acquire the “Advanced Life Skills” you must have to get ahead in the unpredictable and fast-changing world.

Whether it‘s more motivation, improved attitude, better exam marks, a savings plan, landing a great job, or just a more open family relationship, you will see results fast!

In a fun, teenager-friendly environment, we reveal the very same motivation and high achievement secrets that propel the world‘s top performers to success and are already working wonders for thousands of young people around the world. Secrets you can easily apply to get outstanding results in any area ofyour own life. Secrets we’ve made so simple to understand and use that you will notice immediate improvements.

Tomorrows Youth International, founded by Brent Williams and Dale Beaumont, has been at the forefront of running world-class seminars and programs for young people for over a decade now. Teaching them how to take control of their lives and achiev a new sense of self-worth, direction and empowerment. Their programs have been delivered in 6 countries to over 23,000 teenagers.

How much is the investment in your empowerment?

Revisit:   $295

New Enrollment $495


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The course is now approved by an ACT Minister of Education and last year Brent presented the course to over 1000 students at Canberra High Schools.

Empower U course is a life-changing event. The first time it was run in Ballina in June 2014 it was an outstanding success with over 50 positive feedback received from participants and parents. See them HERE

Some things you will learn at the course:

  • How to have amazing self – confidence. Would you believe that you can learn that skill in just one afternoon? It is not going to be a faked mask of arrogance either, but a genuine feeling of being good enough coming from learning how to discover your self – worth. We can guarantee that after the course you will like yourself a whole lot better!
  • Goal setting. Amazing as it might seem, 96% of young people have no clear direction in life. Even later in life,a lot of people never achieve the greatness they could if they just would learn how to write up a detailed plan for their lives. It is like setting out on a boat journey over Pacific Ocean without a compass, GPS, radio and any supplies and with only a dim idea where you want to get to. You will not get very far and your journey will be very painful. If suffering is not your thing, better learn how to plan your journey better!
  • Overcoming Barriers which hold you back – unless you are already living your dream life, chances are that there are things in your mind which are stopping you from what you would really like to do. Just finish this sentence “I cannot (something that you would like to do or be) because …….”  Get the picture? To overcome those barriers, we will teach you how to become a karate expert and just smash through everything that ever stopped you going after your dream. It will blow your mind and make you feel like you can do ANYTHING!
  • Motivation, teamwork and leadership. Why run with the pack if you can be the top dog? Additionally – top employers are looking for employees with those skills or, if you prefer to start your own business, then you will have the blueprint for success in your hand.   If you have those skills, you will blitz any competition. If you don’t, than you will have to be satisfied with leftovers.
  • Successful communication – do you know that different people communicate in different ways? If you cannot speak the language of the person you are talking to – you will not get anywhere with them. You will miss out on jobs, friendships and even love. The good news is – if you can understand what makes other people tick, you can pretty much have anything you want. How great is that!
  • How to manage money and build wealth.  Hint – saving is only a small part of it. The course teaches how to make money work for you rather than you work for the money. Yes – you can make money your slave! Much better and much faster way to become financially independent.
  • How to have a LOT OF FUN! The course is designed for young people. We guarantee that at no point you will be bored! You will not believe that you can have so much fun while learning 🙂

Here are some things Empower U graduates say:

“The course made me a lot happier, honestly, I realized that things were not as hard as I always thought that they were, especially with goal setting exercises, I have not ever thought to set up goals properly”

“After the course, I was so excited, my Dad was saying – I think it is time to go to bed – but I was too excited, I wanted to make a start on my life, I just felt so motivated”

“I now know how to communicate better and also my grades at school went up incredibly…”

“It felt so very, very good, because you feel just so powerful…”

“My relationship with my Mum got a whole lot better, we understand each other now a lot better”

Here is some more feedback…


Are you ready for the challenge? Register NOW!



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